Discover how your current investment strategy is helping or hurting your portfolio and what you are getting for the fees you pay.

Customize your personal pension plan and guarantee your income for life

Guaranteed Lifetime Income Planning

Develop a strategic retirement plan that makes all your combined assets work for you

Retirement Income Planning Analysis

Discover how your current investment strategy is helping or hurting your portfolio

Portfolio Fee / Risk Analysis

Maximize Social Security benefits with strategic distributions and bridge income

Income Bridge Creation

Analyze your Social Security payout options as an individual or as a couple

Social Security Analysis

Understand which of the 576 ways to distribute your retirement work best for your situation

Social Security Maximization

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If you're happy with your current advisor, then stay right where you are. If you don't feel heard or taken care of (and by this I mean meeting often), then consider other options.

How do I know if I’m ready for a financial advisor, or if I should change? 

I'll take care of this process and it takes one, maybe two weeks to complete.

I’m interested, but how hard is it to move my funds over? 

Absolutely! I encourage it.

Can I bring my spouse with me? 

Yes, but I have limited spots available. We'll let you know if you're a good fit in the first consultation or even on a quick call (not everyone is a great fit). Either way, my mission is to help you feel more confident in your finances than when you came in.

Are you taking on more clients right now? 

Great question! The first consultation is completely free, and we'll break down our fees with full transparency in this consultation. With current clients, I also discuss the fees in our quarterly meetings.

Is there any cost involved?

Here are some commonly asked questions before booking a call:

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