Serving those 55 and beyond.

Defined Wealth specializes in helping people 55 and older make choices to build the most effective income stream that will last their entire retirement lifespan. Engaging and through, we help those nearing retirement age develop realistic investment strategies that assess:

  • What you really need for income
  • How you should distribute their nest egg to help mitigate personal taxes
  • How to maximize your Social Security distribution (576 different ways to distribute)
  • How to understand your income strategy in retirement

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Defined Service

We help our clients understand how to navigate their entire retirement lifespan and to make the transition to retirement seamless and secure. Defined Wealth Inc. offers these financial services:

Social Security Maximization
Understand which of the 576 ways to distribute your retirement work best for your situation.
Social Security Analysis
Analyze your Social Security payout options as an individual or as a couple.
Income Bridge Creation
Maximize Social Security benefits with strategic distributions and bridge income.
Portfolio Fee/Risk Analysis
Discover how your current investment strategy is helping or hurting your portfolio.
Retirement Income Planning Analysis
Develop a strategic retirement plan that makes all your combined assets work for you.
Guaranteed Lifetime Income Planning
Customize your personal pension plan and guarantee your income for life.

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Defined Philosophy

Scott Palmer has been helping retirees and pre-retirees plan their “second life” for over 18 years. As a Registered Investment Advisor, Scott serves in a fiduciary role to all his clients with a specialty in retirement lifestyle planning with an emphasis on lifetime income.

Palmer’s approach to financial services is centered around providing clients with the necessary and resources to develop informed strategies for investing, retirement planning, and claiming strategies for Social Security. His trusted network of experienced CPAs and attorney provides clients with the confidence that their money will last as long as they do.

A husband and father, Scott is an avid marathoner and enjoys a rich spiritual life. He serves on the board of his children’s school and Friends of Club 21—a non-profit supporting a school in South Africa for Downs-Syndrome children.

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Retirement Workshops

These FREE, 90-minute classes are packed with purely education information about your Social Security benefits. We do not discuss investment products. Our goal is to provide you with an informed understanding of how and when you should take your Social Security benefit.

You must register to attend as we have limited seating at each class. You can reserve your spot by calling us at 719-434-7748. We will call you to confirm your reservation.

Interested in scheduling a workshop at your business? Call us!

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Money Personality Assessment

How an individual views the importance of money in our lives can have a significant impact on the way one defines success and happiness, can impact relationships, and influence the strategies involved in retirement planning.

Take the Money Personality Assessment to discover your financial priorities and behaviors.

What will your results reveal about your money personality? Are you a saver or a spender? Do you prefer security or like to take risks? Just a few minutes can unlock a lifetime of understanding and provide a path- way toward future prosperity without sacrificing what makes you … you.